04-April-2023 : ACM210X1 Graphical EQ Plug-In Updated to V3.1.4

The ACM210X1 plug-in for Linux provides up to ten EQ bands, using improved de-cramped analogue modelled filters which accurately replicate the equivalent analogue response, without requiring oversampling, or additional latency.

Stereo Placement - New In V3.1.4

ACM210X1 context info pop-up Starting with version 3.1.4, the context info pop-up associated with the active EQ band is now split into two parts. The right-hand side shows information about the frequency, gain and bandwidth settings for the selected band, while the left-hand side contains a toolbar for selecting stereo placement and solo options.
Individual EQ bands can now be assigned to left, right or stereo channels, while the solo option auditions or solos the frequency range associated with the selected band.
This is a free update for existing users, the latest version of the plug-in is available to download from the ACM210X1 product page.

03-Jan-2023 : ACM520X1 Stereo Bus Compressor Plug-In Released

Inspired by one of the best-known console bus compressors, the ACM520X1 offers a wide range of settings from gentle 2:1 compression, often regarded as the essential 'glue' of a cohesive mix, to more obvious punch at higher compression ratios. In addition, a switchable side-chain highpass filter makes it ideal for bass-heavy mixes, without over compression. The ACM520X1 plug-in for Linux emulates all the desirable qualities of a professional analogue console bus compressor, taming dynamics without restricting the natural character of a mix or performance.
Available as VST2, VST3, CLAP and JACK format plug-ins for Linux. Demos are available to download for free.
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01-Nov-2022 : ACM-Series Plugins Updated to Version 3.1.2

The ACM-Series plug-ins for Linux have been updated to V3.1.2. The 500X and SA collections now include VST2, VST3, CLAP and JACK formats, together with several minor bug fixes.
The plug-ins feature de-cramped, analogue modelled filters to ensure the correct equivalent response, even at low sample rates, without the need for CPU intensive oversampling or extra latency. In addition, smoothed interpolated controls ensure glitch free parameter adjustment with no 'zipper noise' - features which are not always present on some other plug-ins.
The modular nature of the plug-ins provides the perfect way to turn a digital audio workstation into a complete virtual analogue mixing and mastering environment for Linux. With more host applications now available for Linux, class-compliant device support - often right out of the box - and greater ease of set up, it's never been easier to harness the power of Linux for world-class audio performance.
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