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Professional Audio Software and Plugins for PC, Mac OS X and Linux

Applied Computer Music Technologies Ltd develops high quality professional audio processing software including the linuxDSP range of plug-ins for linux and OverToneDSP products for Mac and PC.
Find out about linuxDSP Audio Software linuxDSP Audio Software and Plug-ins for Linux
Appliled Computer Music Technologies develops the widely acclaimed linuxDSP audio plug-ins and applications for linux.
Plug-ins are provided as pre-compiled binaries in LV2, linux-VST and standalone JACK format, suitable for Ardour3 and most X11 or X11 compatible linux distributions.
  • Simple single-click install on most distributions
  • Free Demos. Test compatibility with your linux distribution.
  • Flexible licensing - use on multiple PCs
  • Free updates and support

Find out about OverToneDSP Audio Plug-ins OverToneDSP Audio Plug-ins for Mac and PC
Applied Computer Music Technologies also develops the popular OverToneDSP product range for Mac and Windows.
Plug-ins are available as free to download demos, in many popular formats, including Mac AudioUnit, Mac VST and Windows VST
  • Mac VST and Audio Unit (32 and 64Bit)
  • Windows VST (32 and 64Bit)
  • No extra hardware required
  • No iLok / hardware copy protection
  • Flexible licensing - use on multiple PCs
  • Free updates and support

VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

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